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Want to Become a Pediatric Sleep Coach?

Are you passionate about sleep and the importance of it for your family? 

Have you always thought about a career helping other parents like you to raise children who are rested, happy and healthy?

Do you want flexibility to be with your family and have a rewarding career helping parents?

Are you interested in a new career but not in running your own business?

Become a Certified Tiny Transitions® Pediatric Sleep Specialist & work on my team!

As a member of the Tiny Transitions team, you will work as a part of The Slumber Squad™ to support parents all over the world to build a rested home.

This is NOT a certification program where you pay me to train you and then have to set up and run your own business. I have already built a successful 6-figure business on my own, guiding thousands of families to sleep.

I want to help more families, so it is time to expand my team and teach you my unique approach to sleep coaching and support for parents. I am always looking for interested and qualified candidates to join the team. 

Does Sleep Consulting sound interesting to you?

Flexibility in setting your own schedule.

Ability to work as little or as much as your desire. Some of my team members work as a side hustle, others have left the corporate world to be more present at home, but still earn just as much.

Fulfillment in a career where you are helping people during the most vulnerable time in their lives.

Complete onboarding, education, training, mentoring and on-going coaching as a member of The Slumber Squad™.

Learn a little more about the founder of Tiny Transitions, Courtney Zentz, and what it means to be a part of the team. If it sounds like a fit, you can set up time to speak so I can learn more about you!