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Tiny Transitions

Infant & Young Toddler Sleep Consulting

Struggling with a sleep regression? Curious when they will sleep through the night? Are naps short and unpredictable? 

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Hey there momma!

I’m guessing that you are…

Exhausted. You are desperate for a good night’s sleep, but there’s a little one who’s got other plans.

Frustrated. You are SO OVER the sleepless nights that have characterized this season of life. 

Overwhelmed. Everything seems so much harder when you are this tired. 

Snappy. Your patience is about half an inch deep. You often find yourself “losing it” on the innocent bystanders in your home.

Concerned. Your child won’t sleep. You aren’t sure why. You don’t know what is wrong and you have no idea how to fix it. 

You’ve tried all of your friend’s recommendations. 

Nothing works. 

You’re at your wit’s end, and desperate for some real sleep help.

Infant & Young Toddler

Let Us Help You Sleep.

Maybe you are worried about the impact chronic sleep loss is going to have on your child.

You can’t understand why they used to sleep through the night and since this latest sleep regression, they are up every 2 hours….all night long just crying and crying

You worry about co-sleeping because it’s not safe. You struggle with getting them into the crib and they only want to sleep in the rocker,

but those have been recalled, and now the only sleep that happens is on you…if at all.

Or maybe you are worried about your toddler that wakes up all night long. 

You have no idea what’s caused this sudden change and are tired of getting regular calls from their bedroom or waking up to find they snuck into your bed….again. 

You worry about their weakened immune system, their irritability, the academic impact, and their overall grogginess.

 Every morning you are completely zapped. You can’t hit that snooze button fast enough.

No matter your age, struggling to get enough sleep can have serious effects on quality of life, health, cognition, and mood.

Exhaustion can rob you of everyday joys and make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

It leaves you open to all kinds of sickness, and can majorly affect how you feel,

but there is help.

A qualified, experienced sleep consultant can create the exact plan your family needs to sleep soundly all night long.

Someone who knows their stuff can get your little one, loved one, or you sleep in a matter of days. 

Need someone like that in your life?

Look no further. At Tiny Transitions, we step in to ensure that sleeping through the night becomes your new norm. 

Our approach is gentle – we don’t “train” your child like an animal. 

We coach you or your little one through the process of getting to sleep and staying asleep. 

No crying it out, just sleep made simple in a way that truly fits your family. 

We don’t do cookie-cutter. 

All of our clients get a completely customized program for maximum effectiveness,

because not everyone needs the same tools in order to sleep well. 

Our top priority is getting your little one (or you) the rest needed to thrive in everyday life. 

You shouldn’t have to trudge through your days, barely there, counting down the minutes until bed. 

You shouldn’t have to stand in your child’s room, wondering what you’re doing wrong, feeling like a failure. 

You shouldn’t have to watch your toddler struggle to fall asleep, tossing and turning miserably all night. 

Work with The Slumber Squad®

Infant & Young Toddler Sleep Programs

For Little Ones from 3 Months Through 2 Years Old 

“Hire this woman! Courtney was amazing and our 9-month-old was sleeping through the night within 48 hours after never sleeping through the night in his life. Her expertise and combination of recommendations about sleep gear, feedings, naps led to very very minimal crying and peaceful 12-hour stretches of sleep with daily naps on schedule. She is also working with us with our 8-year-old who has had sleep issues and we noticed a drastic improvement in the first week. Worth every penny. Don’t second guess it- just do it and enjoy some sleep” – Kelly

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If sleep has evaded your family for too long, 

it’s time for us to chat. 

We’ll create the individualized plan you need to turn your sleepless nights around.