Group Coaching

There are many parents who have tried sleep training and were not successful. Many others who want help but financially it is not something they have the extra money for today. Well, this offering may just be for you! It’s a terrific options for families who need a clear plan of action and support, but at a lower price point. You will work directly with a sleep consultant in the group setting to get your child sleeping through the night in a gentle, loving and effective manner.

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August 3, 2019

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Our group program offers all the essentials you're looking for in a lightweight package

A Sleep Plan

A written sleep plan based on your child's age & challenges.

A Private Group

You will be given access to a private Facebook group.

A Sleep Evaluation

So that we can better understand your challenges.

Weekly Live Calls

Giving you the chance to get all your questions answered live.

Daily Check-Ins

You ask, we check & answer your questions several times a day.

Weekly Action Plans

Each week we tackle specific challenges with sleep.

Group Support

Support from families with going through similar challenges.

A Video Library

Access to videos for common sleep challenges that can pop up!

Preferred Support

Access to preferred client pricing, should something pop-up after we are done.

``Clare’s transformation is unbelievable. She leads us through the routine now and it’s so painless. And she doesn’t require us to stay in the room at all as she fell asleep. She’s also so much happier during the day. And she’s still sleeping! It’s amazing!``
Clare 2.5 Years Old
``Miracles do happen! With the help from Tiny Transitions I’ve been able to enjoy a full night's rest again!``
Sara 18 Months Old
``I believe that this is the best investment that I've made on my child to date. There is nothing MORE important for a child or for a parent than for your child to have a healthy sleep routine.``
Blair 6 Months Old

Investment in the Group Program $295


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