In this episode, Courtney Zentz, founder of Tiny Transitions will introduce you to her new podcast, The Kids Sleep Show. She will discuss what you should expect with this podcast and how she ended up here. 

What to expect:

  • This show is not just about sleep for little ones but also for the parents as well (2:35)
  • The podcast will not only feature Courtney but doctors, lactation counselors, doulas, and CEOs of companies devoted to children (3:30)
  • Courtney offers online classes, free consultations and has written and contributed to articles around sleep (4:00)
  • Courtney will be using social media to engage with you and to request feedback or ideas for new topics (6:00)
  • What is Courtney’s WHY? How becoming a new mother moved her passion from her  former career to sleep and helping families (7:22)
  • Courtney’s credentials and how her certifications and start brought her to being a nationally ranked sleep consultant (9:24)
  • Teaching sessions on select topics using guests or her own expertise (10:00)
  • The show will be on a weekly basis and include actionable strategies (11:00)

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