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Meet Rosie Hawley

Pediatric  Sleep Consultant from Verona, New Jersey   

Hi, I'm Rosie Hawley

Pediatric Sleep Specialist


Hi there! My name is Rosie Hawley. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and proud member of the Tiny Transitions Consulting Team.  Born and raised in Verona, New Jersey, I am the wife to my amazing husband Michael and mother to a sweet little boy, Mikey and baby girl, Charlotte.

After over 15 years as the Vice President of Human Resources for a New York firm, I saw first-hand how sleep deprivation can impact families on the job and in their personal lives. I decided to become a Certified Sleep Consultant with the Tiny Transitions team. I have been extensively trained to guide and support families in need of sleep, who had the exact same feelings that I did.


As a mother of two, I understand sleepless nights. In fact, if you’re reading this then you are probably exactly where I was about two years ago…exhausted and frustrated.

I started my journey with sleep education when my son was about 3.5 months old. We had reached the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and I was in what I liked to call “nap jail” – locked in my son’s room 3-4 times a day, desperately trying anything and everything possible to get him to go to sleep.

I felt like a was failing at mom-life.

I needed to sleep.

My son needed sleep.

We were all miserable.

Through the process of teaching my son to fall asleep independently, I felt a strong need for constant reassurance and found that through Tiny Transitions and the Slumber Made Simple™ Approach.

Today, I love working with Courtney as part of the Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting team. The gentle approach we use to help your entire family sleep through the night has worked for thousands of families.

I am certain it will work for yours as well.

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Sleep Success Testimonials

“Rosie was great to work with! Our 13-month-old was still waking multiple times per night and would not nap more than 45 minutes at a time. She was always tired, and my husband and I were as well. Rosie helped us de skip a sleep plan and walked us through step-by-step how to gently help our daughter learn to fall asleep on her own. It worked! Within a couple of weeks, she was sleeping through the night, and she was taking long naps within a month! She continues with good sleep habits, and we are very grateful to Rosie for her help. If we had not had her help, I think we would still be very sleep deprived!”


8 Months Old, East Orange, New Jersey

“I wasn’t sure about sleep training my son but after not getting any sleep for 4 months and about to return to work, I knew I had to try something. Thank goodness my husband and I chose Tiny Transitions. Rosie was amazing and guided me every step of the way with sleep training our 4 month old. I had never heard of the pick up put down method but by night #3 our son fell asleep on his own and stayed asleep for 7 hours which at that point was a miracle because he was still getting up every 2 hours or so. Rosie is awesome to work with and understood all of our concerns and if I never needed anything, she was an email or a text away with her guidance. Sleep training was one of the best decisions we made for our family and Rosie was the best resource to have to help us all get much needed sleep!”


4 Months Old, New Brunswick, New Jersey

“I had the pleasure of working with Rosie at Tiny Transitions. At the time I had a 6 month old who would not sleep through the night and was taking short naps throughout the day. I had already done a pretty good job at sleep training my son to fall asleep by himself but it wouldn’t last long. Rosie was able to help me transition him to two naps and sleep through the night. She was very patient with us. We had some bumps in the road including a short trip away from home/ schedule and some medial issues. I would definitely recommend her services; we learned a lot!”


6 Months Old, Hoboken, New Jersey

“If you’re like most parents, and struggling to get your little one to sleep, I highly recommend working with Rosie at Tiny Transitions. I first approached the “sleep training” idea a little skeptical, and quite frankly scared. I had the misconception that the only sleeping training method there was, was “Cry it Out”, and I wasn’t 100% comfortable with that. Rosie took the time to explain to me that, that wasn’t the case for sleep training, and there were a lot of different approaches. She helped me find a method that I was comfortable with, and that was perfect for my family. We started sleep training at 4.5 months, and she was sleeping falling asleep on her own within 3 nights. I’ll never forget the anxiety I had the first night, but she did great. It took somewhere between 30-40 minutes for her to fall sleep on her own, and slept through the entire night. The following night it took about 10-15 minutes, and by the third night she was sleep on her own within minutes. All through the way Tiny Transitions was there to coach me through, and just give me the moral support I needed. I had no idea what a large impact wake times had on a babies good night sleep. Rosie gave me all of the knowledge and tools I needed to set my daughter up for a successful night of sleep. I couldn’t have done it without them. Of all of the decisions I had to make as a first time mom, this was absolutely the best decision I made. My daughter is now 17 months, and falls sleep on her own EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, no matter where we are. She sleeps from 7pm to 6am-ish every night, and always wakes up with a smile on her face. BTW – my daughter took EVERY SINGLE NAP on me for the first 4+ months of her life. No more “nap jail” for me! Seeing is believing so enjoy the video from last night.”


16 Months Old, Dallas, Texas

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